Destroyer Of Worlds Grim Reaper Sculpture Plasma Ball Lamp Electricity Ball

Destroyer Of Worlds Grim Reaper Sculpture Plasma Ball Lamp Electricity Ball

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Get a beautiful and decorative Plasma Ball surrounded by a Grim Reaper.The harmless lightning discharge on the inside of the 80mm large glass ball. The red rays come from the small electrode inside and waft through the whole glass ball. If you touch the ball, the rays focus on the ball surface.

The plasma lamp works by mixture of different gases, which are filled at low pressure. In the base of the ball high frequency electromagnetic waves are produced. The glowing plasma flashes are produced by the strong electromagnetic discharges in the interior of the sphere, this is completely safe for the user! One puts his hand, for example, to the glass, so the RF field is disturbed, so that now a strip formed from the inside to the contact point.

Features: Including 1.2 meters long power cord with switch.

Dimensions approximately: 21.4 x 15.2 cm (8.4" x 6")


  1. Avoid beating the glass ball with any hard articles or splashing water on the product.
  2. Keep the product 50-80cm from any microelectronic facilities such as sound, computer, fax and son on, to prevent any interference.
  3. The adopter change AC 220V to DC 12V , it is safety, reliance and low consumption.
  4. Electric Voltage: 220v AC  Power: 8w
  5. The original plug is EU standard but no worries we will send the adapter according to your shipping address.



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